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How to Know When Its Time for a Heat Pump Repair

In Safford you rely on your heat pump to keep you comfy throughout the chilly time of year. If it’s been a while since you had a routine maintenance appointment for your heat pump, you could be needing a heat pump service visit sooner rather than later. Guaranteeing that you schedule routine maintenance service will help keep your heat pump operating efficiently and detect any issues that may need attention before they get worse. But you can scan for trouble too. We’ve compiled some signs for you to search for. The sooner you can call for a heat pump service, the better. Call in an expert, like B&D Air Conditioning, if you note any of these signs:

  1. Your heat pump is stuck in either heating mode or cooling mode. Your heat pump is able to cool your house when it’s warm by running refrigerant through the indoor evaporator coil. When it’s time to heat your home, it switches the route and moves refrigerant to the outdoor evaporator coil. If your heat pump is set in one mode, it may be time call in a pro to inspect why.
  2. Your heat pump is not evenly heating or cooling your home. Inspect that your registers are all exposed and unobstructed. If the trouble keeps up, call in an expert to see why your system is crashing or out of stability.
  3. Your blower doesn’t seem to be operating properly. Is it operating enough? Is it running all the time? Is the air blowing through as easily as it should, or does it seem weak? Signs related to your blower could signify a minor problem with your air filter or the internal blower.
  4. Your heat pump isn’t cycling as it normally does. If your heat pump is running on and off too regularly, it may be overheating. This could be a straightforward answer, like changing a obstructed filter or recalibrating your thermostat. It could also present a malfunction in your thermostat or your blower.
  5. Your heat pump is loud. If your heat pump starts working loudly or generating noises you’re not used to hearing, there could be an issue.

Now that you’ve read these symptoms, you’ll know when you need to arrange heat pump repair. Call B&D Air Conditioning at 928-432-6018 or use our online scheduler when you need to schedule repairs or routine maintenance.

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