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Air Conditioner Replacement in Safford

As summer makes its way here, so does the warm weather. It's the perfect season where you can sip on a sweet glass of lemonade from the kids down the street, time with family and friends, and a cool home to return to after puttering around the yard. But what happens if you can't cool off? You feel the weather getting hotter and hotter, while your enjoyment sinks like a stone.

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In Eastern Arizona a summer without air conditioning would be hard. Don’t feel as if you need to suffer through the heat, investing in an air conditioner replacement doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you pursue these simple steps in your hunt for an AC unit. Utilize these tips when determining if air conditioner replacement is essential.

Reliability: is your central air starting to be unstable? Your air conditioner may be the most important home equipment purchase you’ll have to make for your home. Take the time to research a medley of air conditioners that have exceptional reviews and have a track record of being reliable for years to come. Quiet operation: is your system more vocal than you like? Comfort can go beyond simply having your home the temperature you’d prefer. Make sure you ask about noise levels so you won’t be disrupted whenever the unit turns on.
Efficiency: Are your energy bills consistently going up? Having an efficient air conditioner means that you’re not only reducing energy and saving money, but you’re able to be a little more environmentally aware. AC units today are more efficient than older units and that can create a significant change in your energy usage which can decrease your bills. Airflow: are you not quite comfortable? Maintaining persistent comfortable airflow throughout your house means you need whole home comfort system that can keep the cool air properly replenishing your home.

The team at B&D Air Conditioning urges that homeowners invest in an air conditioner replacement if the repairs pile up to over 50 percent of the price of a new air conditioner. Here are some things you can consider when you think it may be time to think about changing your air conditioner.


  • Filters: changing your air conditioner filter is essential to the success of your air conditioner and it's simple to take care of. Whenever your air conditioner switches on it collects outside particles and ultimately clogs up. Switching them out at least every three months is an industry best practice.
  • Age: most air conditioners live 10 to 12 years on average. When it's apparent that your system is running sporadically and running differently than usual, you will probably want to have it serviced. Out of date air conditioners usually don't run as effectively as newer systems as well.
  • Wiring: over its lifespan it's not uncommon for your air conditioner's wiring to be gradually damaged by the weather in Safford. Depending on the age of your air conditioner, the condition of the wiring can vary, but could present a situation that could lead to corroding wires that need to be replaced.

If an air conditioner replacement is in your near future, keep relevant qualities like reliability, efficiency, sound, consistency and airflow in consideration throughout your search for the best system. These characteristics create a well-built, trustworthy air conditioner that every homeowner would be satisfied to have in their house.

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